Hello everybody

How are you all, I hope you are healthy and cheerful even in this situation!?

Today I would like to share my current situation during the covid-19-epidemic with you.

I was really shocked, when I heard on the news that all schools will be closed until after the spring holidays break. So since Monday the 16th March we have been homeschooled, but it´s not like ordinary school. 

At the beginning of the week, I always get tasks for all the different subjects, except PE and Art. Until now homeschooling has worked quite well and it’s also very chilled. I mean there are so many advantages: I can get up at 11 am, eat while studying, and have as many breaks as I want to. But I also have to structure my day because in the evening I must have done all my tasks of the day.

It is weird but I have to admit I miss studying at school a bit because I think it´s easier and you don’t have to organize yourself. And of course I also miss my class and the meetings with my best friends in the afternoon. But we found a new possibility to see each other without breaking the law. Every evening, we video chat via skype and talk about the latest news. It´s crazy that we have to use social media to stay in contact ,even if we live just 5 minutes away from each other.

All this is a new situation and experience for me and I hope the virus won´t last that long and we can go on with our normal lives again.

Please stay at home & take care

Bye, 🙂