Escape to freedom!


“We are from class G5c. We were in the escape room on 29th April 2022. We started in the morning, with us came our class teachers Miss Zweschper and Miss Ohle. We went to the Hofheim museum. In front of the museum we took a class photo. Then we went inside the museum. We talked about the escape rooms with the guides. Then we made teams. The escape room was about freedom. We had two hours time for the escape rooms. Between the escape rooms we had breaks. Then we went on. We had to open locks. There was a hospital escape room, a witch house, a power station, a dog´s villa and a factory. The escape rooms were very nice. We talked about the escape rooms with the guides. Then we went home. It was a nice trip.”   Ylvie Reineke and Nela Niedermaier


 “The class G5c was at the museum in Hofheim. That was on a Friday morning. In the museum was a woman, she was our guide. In the museum there were five rooms, the best rooms were the factory and the hospital room. In every room were four locks. We were a group with five people. At the beginning the guide explained us a room, the „power station“. For an escape room we had 30 minutes time. Some groups said: The dog villa was the hardest room, because it wasn´t easy! Some groups used three or four rooms. Then we went back and six kids went to a restaurant. The other kids went to our school. That was a good day!”                             Leo E. and Paul F.

“Our class G5c went to the Hofheim Escape room museum on Friday morning. It had different rooms. All of the rooms were about freedom. The hardest room was the dog’s villa. The scary room was the hospital because the doctor was mad. In the hospital room there was a hospital chair with a big drill.There were five rooms in the museum. The rooms’ names were dog’s villa, hospital, magic house, power station and factory.

A guide explained us the five rooms in the museum. It was so nice. On my team were Theo, Vanessa, Paul B. and Louis. I felt in the Escape room that freedom is important. It was so much fun, bye, bye.”                                                                                                    Yejoon, Jannis and G5c