My life with homeschooling is very different from normal school life. Now it’s been two weeks without going to school. I have to make a strict plan so that I can finish all my school stuff in time. I study three to four subjects every day. Math is often included (what do you mean?) because our teacher gave us way too many tasks in my opinion. Homeschooling has a lot of advantages but there are some disadvantages too. I think one important advantage is that I can sleep longer. Mostly I wake up between 10am and 12am. Then I have breakfast. After breakfast I start studying for two to four hours. After studying I have free time, which is a big advantage, too. I think the disadvantages are that there is no teacher who can help me if I don’t understand something. But I can write an E-mail so it’s not a big problem. We have a little more free time but we are not allowed to meet friends. We are only allowed to go out if we have to work or go to the supermarket. I have to stay at home all day and I don’t have any siblings so it’s very boring. I feel a little scared in this situation right now because it feels like a world war has started. The newson TV are all about the virus, the supermarkets are empty and we keep our distance from others so that the virus does not spread. The only thing we can do is be careful, stay hygienic and stay safe.